About Us

About Us:

   Don was born and raised on the farm here in central Nebraska located 7 miles northeast of Clarks.  His grandparents first lived here in the 1930's.  Don had a love for horses even as a child learning about them when he was a small boy.  
   In 1969 he and Terri married raising their six children on the very same farmstead.  For 26 years the Dush family operated a dairy here.  When the children were raised and left home, Don began to pursue his love of horses.  He purchased a couple of good mares which he bred to a stallion owned by a close friend.  From there the herd has continued to grow as they sought to improve their bloodlines.
   Their oldest granddaughter, Courtney, took an interest in the horses picking up on her grand pa's love.  She eagerly became involved with the breeding program.   As this granddad and granddaughter team  sought to improve upon the desired traits and eliminate the unfavorable ones, they learned how to produce babies everyone wants.   The various bloodlines have produced the baby doll heads, a well developed hip, and gentle dispositions that they were seeking.  The color you see is a big plus!  Courtney is still actively involved since graduating high school.
   The Two Bar D Quarter Horses are fine ranch horses but gentle enough for pleasure riding.  The grand kids are involved in rodeos, barrel racing, roping, team penning and even a champion bull rider.  No need to wonder where they could find a good horse.
   The Dush family has sold horses all over the US including Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, North/South Dakota, Nebraska and Texas as well as Canada and Mexico.  Many are repeat customers owning more than one from the stock.  Please check the  testimonial page for those recommendations.  
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   "Thanks for dropping by and letting us introduce the Two Bar D Quarter Horses' family.  We look forward to meeting you in the near future!"

Don & Terri Dush - August 2013