Past Sales

Two Bar D Quarter Horses


2/9/14:  Sold the red road colt [#10 on 2013 Foal page] to Baldo Monasterio of Wolfe Cattle Company.  See additional information on the 2013 Foals page and Testimonials page.  Congratulations to Baldo!  He is a great colt.

9/4/13:  Congratulations to Terry McBride and his wife [Central NE] on the purchase of 2013 Foal #3 Filly listed on our page there.  They are excited about the future they have with this gal.  In addition, they purchased a 2013 colt from the herd that we do not have featured on the 2013 Foal page.  Best wishes to all and thank you!

8/27/13: Sold a 2012 buckskin filly to a friend in Beatrice, NE.  This filly will be a new project for this gal who is thrilled and anxious to get started with her new horse.  Congrats and thanks for your business! Keep us posted on her progress!

On 8/8/13 we sold 3 weanlings and 2 yearlings.  They are headed to Texas and we wish their new owners all the best with them.  Look for those future testimonials.

As we send those ranch raised horses into their new homes...we wish everyone great success!