Two Bar D Quarter Horses

2019 Foals

Welcome to our 2019 Production page. The past year proved to be challenging beyond our expectations with the continued rain. It was a difficult for mares and babies as well as farming. We did NOT get our usual photo shoots completed. So, this spring we have snapped several group pictures of those now yearlings. If you do indeed have any questions about what we have pictured here, do by all means call. Thank you for your understanding on this.
Pictured below are a few pictures of our 2019 stud colts. All boys are in tact, but will be changing to geldings a little later this spring. If you are in the market for a stud prospect, do call sooner than later. Thanks for looking.
The slide show pictures listed below are of our 2019 fillies. This is not a complete showing of all we have to offer. Please call for details. Please keep in mind all horses are in their winter coats.  Thanks...Don