Foal Development

Two Bar D Quarter Horses

Foal Development:

We have placed a pictorial page on the development of the equine baby.  Normal gestation time is 340 days; however that can vary for a variety of reasons.  This is your target time period for the developing and delivery of a foal.
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Check out the 2013 and 2012 tabs for those respective years' foals.  Contact us with any questions or requests. 

As you plan and expect that new baby, many questions come to mind.  One that seems to be a roll of the dice is that coat color.  With some certainty one can narrow down that expected outcome.  We have linked a web site that will let you enter your sire and dam's coat color then calculating the percent of chance of colors you can expect.  It's fun to see the % of chances you will have in many combinations.  CLICK HERE to connect and have some fun!