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As we start the New Year, we are certain of this, change is indeed coming. 
If you missed our announcements on the HOME page, return there and read our brief update.
As the year unfolds we will be adding more info here. 

Trey Engle is now our "manager" here at TwoBarDQuarterHorses. 
Lots of exciting things planned for the New Year.  Do contact us for details!
March 2021

Greetings from TwoBarDQuarterHorses. Coming through the winter season gives away to spring foaling season. Our mares are showing their baby bellies and ready for that green grass that is coming through. After some much needed rain, we are now officially making those plans for the new baby's arrival. It's always with great anticipation of seeing them delivered that brings much joy. We are in the process of downsizing our numbers for the coming year. Do contact us if you are in the market for anything we have here. That would be an opportunity to own some great ranch horses or even just one. Enjoy all  the photos we post here. Thanks for dropping by to check on our happenings. 
May the coming season be filled with lots of great rides!
June 20, 2020: 
Don likes walking through his four different herds separated for pasture breeding. 
Here are the bulk of the palominos with their babies. 

6/20/20: Saturday afternoon we had some visitors from Iowa to come for a walk through of all the babies. It was a fun day showing off all the beautiful babies!
April 2020
CONGRATULATIONS to this young lady!

We at TwoBarDQuarterHorses are so pleased and proud of this young lady for all the success she has achieved personally and the outstanding job she has done with one of our very own horses. How exciting for her, the horse and our breeding program.  Her hard work and determination proves to us all that if you keep pressing on, great things will happen.

Thank you Morgan for sharing your success story with us. We wish you bigger and greater things for you and your horse's future!

March 1, 2020: Did a little "walk and talk" with the broodmares today while they all came up for hay. The first video is the "call to chow" and the second video is eating at the dinning table together. What a lovely sight to see as they lined up for their feeding. Enjoy the videos!
                          January 1, 2020
Happy 2020 New Year 
to everyone!

Lots of exciting things are shaping for the coming year! The poster/banner to the left is a new design we are expecting will catch the eye of those who are on the hunt for that next great horse project! 

The foaling season will be arriving soon, in just a few months. It's always thrilling to have those babies hit the ground showing off their color and ability.

Be on the look out for our flyers and where we will be posting this banner. 

Call anytime with your inquires about what we have available!

April 10, 2019: Below is an article we received from Morgan Schrank who wanted us to know that she couldn't be more pleased about the horse she bought from us! What a great testimony to the bloodlines we have put together here.  
Driving Mares Home

March 31, 2019:
Some have cattle drives, but here at TwoBarD we have horse drives. With all the wet weather this spring we needed to get those expecting mamas home for foaling. So, the best option was to drive them right down the road. Getting them to dryer ground was a must. We want to thank all those who gave us a helping hand in our little round-up. We had a fun day and pretty sure the mares are happy to be home as well.

February 26, 2019: The above video link [FirstRide] showcases a 2 year old we sold to some folks in Colorado. The photos to the right and below give us a peek at the other colt they bought as well.  The sire of both these horse is Buckeye Bartender [2010 Bay Roan AQHA Stallion]. This stud has consistently produced ranch horses that are above and beyond our expectations making the new owners thrilled to own them. 
January 22, 2019: Happy New Year to all!  We always look forward to spring this time of year as the days lengthen. Foaling season will be coming soon and we are anxious to see each new baby.  We have five colts consigned to the spring Pitzer Sale. <Click link for details. You will find those listings once the catalog is published.  If you are thinking about your possible spring project, contact us soon.  Interest is picking up for those sought after young horses. We have lots of color to pick from with loads of talent. 
August 1, 2018: As we are looking toward weaning day, the mares & babies are still enjoying their pasture time together. The stallions have been retired to their pasture covering all the mares for 2019 foaling season.  The 3rd cutting of hay is ready to be put up, however with the wet summer season, waiting on dryer days is a must! We posted some group pictures to several pages on Facebook resulting in a large response. If you are finding your DREAM horse here, do not delay in calling to see if it is still available. We have a good selection of yearling geldings FOR SALE.  Contact us sooner than later.
March 24, 2018: As foaling season is upon us, we are waiting to see all the new little ones.  A buckskin colt has arrived already. Always exciting happenings around the ranch.  However, earlier this month we had the misfortune of losing JOE JACK RAIDER in one of those accidents that all horse owners can experience. He was found cast in a small ravine.  That was a big heartbreak as his get have been showing real promise in our program. After a detailed search, a full brother was located in Mississippi and he will be joining our stallion band.  MR JOE JACK RED is a five year old palomino ready to go to work for us.  We are excited to get him home next month. Check our STALLION page for pictures/info.
January 6, 2018:  Happy New Year to all.  Clearly the time is moving right along. We are seeing that those 2017 babies have grown into strong yearlings.  With spring just a head, it will give us an opportunity to work with some of them as well as placing them with new owners. The added minutes of daylight will soon give away to those warmer temps. We have been working around the ranch doing those odd jobs of cleaning and clearing.  Soon the mares will be delivering to us their bundles of joy.  That's always an exciting season.  Stay tuned here for those picture postings. 
November 27, 2017: This year has been filled with more activities than we seemed to have time for.  With Thanksgiving over and Christmas just a head, we are ever so thankful for the warm, dry days this fall season.  Harvest time started out rather wet putting the pressure on.  When the sun returned to dry the fields, there was a rush to bring in the crop.  With the 2017 babies weaned and eating well, it has been a great start for them even through the mud. They have been branded and enjoy running in the pasture. The 2017 foal barn was delayed in showcasing those babes, but you'll find some in there now. If you're shopping for that new project for 2018, come see us soon! 
April 7, 2017: The days of foaling are here!  We have 12 on the ground making us a quarter of the way through the arrivals.  These babies are strong and have lots of color as some are from our new stallion lines.  In evaluating the crosses it is exciting to see the outcomes while planning for the 2018 crop. By June 1 we should have all babies on the ground.  We invite you drop by to see these outstanding foals.  We'll be showcasing some right here on our 2017 Foal page sometime this summer.  In addition, we are excited about the four geldings we will be selling at the Pitzer Spring sale at the end of this month.  These two year old colts are some of the finest we have to offer.  Attending this sale gives us an opportunity to gain insight and measure how they stand with the other two year old colts.  Call after the sale to see how things played out.
February 1, 2017:  Spring is in the air and the mares are looking like they will be ready for those babies to be on the ground. We have contracted four colts with the Pitzer Ranch Sale on April 23, 2017.  It's always exciting to see our colts get in their ring.  If you're looking for that yearling project, we still have some outstanding 2016 FOR SALE. Call or stop by to see our selection. 
August 20, 2016: Saturday evening Jordan Dose came by to pick up and use a couple of our long yearlings for a training demonstration in Central City.  These two had never been handled prior much less off the ranch. We were scheduled in for the evening being unable to attend. However, we were thrilled to hear about the results of that program. NECOWBOYCHURCH had sponsored WILD HORSE MINISTRIES at the fair grounds in Central City and they needed a local horse to demo with. In a coin toss the palomino colt was selected. The steps Paul Daily and his daughter put the unbroken horse through produced results that are truly amazing. On Sunday evening we traveled to Grand Island to witness this program. After the presentation we visited with Paul Daily about our horse he had worked with on Saturday evening. Paul told us he has worked with over 2,000 horses in his ministry and found this 16 month old palomino colt by far to be the most outstanding and brightest horse for his age! He even shot his gun off him while riding. How thrilled we are to hear this great testimony of one of our herd. 
Click on thumbnail photo below to enlarge.
August 7, 2016: Weaning time ticks closer as the summer draws down.  We've had a super good foaling season and now those babies are ready for that next stage of life without mom.  We are scheduled to take 9 weanlings to the Lolli Bros Livestock Market Sale Sept. 2 & 3 in Macon, Missouri.  We have marketed there before and like the whole manner in which they sell their weanlings. If you haven't checked out our 2016 baby page, do so for those updates.  Along with our three main stallions we have added two young ones who are proving to be a win win.
June 10, 2016:  Summer has arrived here in central Nebraska with temps nearing 100 degrees.  After all the rain in May, the crops are growing so fast you can indeed hear them grow.  And with the dryer conditions, it is haying time.  We have been putting up that first crop and the production is high making those bales pile up in the barn hay loft.  In the pastures those babies are growing and changing daily.  At times one might think they are certain about this or that babies' coat color, and there are those instances when they will fool you every time.  It's kinda like opening a gift at Christmas...very slowly...
January 11,2016: Happy New Year to everyone!  When that calendar flips over for the next year, we find the race to foaling season beginning.  April & May will fill our pastures with those bundles of bounce.  The winter thus far has proven to be mild even though we know it can change overnight.  We've been selling our yearlings and two year olds right along. Those placements have yeilded some great testimonies and future customers.  The sales make for room in the yards when the new babies arrive.  We've held back some of our fillies to bring them into the broodmare band.  As we consider the cross with any of the three guys we stand, we know there will be some really good mixes.  Stay up-to-date with current activities on our FaceBook page and check back here often when the weather warms.
August 2015:  The foaling season this year was exceptional!  We are thrilled to offer quality weanlings FOR SALE.  That baby fuzz has shed and revealed some amazing colors. With fall comes weaning time and that won't be long now.  Most all our mares are in foal for 2016. The pastures have been lush this year with all the rain, so everyone is looking terrific. We have stored up lots of hay for one never knows what winter will bring.  Do contact us with your questions about what babes are available.  Or better yet, stop by for that personal visit/tour of our pastures.
April 10, 2015:  Spring has been coming and going this year with a wet snow fall even yesterday.  The babies are starting to arrive and we are not disappointed in what is running around the pastures.  We will be taking four [4] yearlings to the Pitzer Ranch Sale at the end of the month.  That is always a good place to showcase your top line and shop around for new additions.  Do check their catalog for details on our four listings.
September 10, 2014:  Fall, what a beautiful time of year as the really hot days are behind us, irrigation pipe is put in a pile, and weaning day for those babes is fast approaching.  Winter preparation is on most everyone's mind this year and it is no different here at Two Bar D Quarter Horses.  Lots of hay stored up with places that those young ones can find shelter is a check for sure.  A few of the mares who have been preg checked are giving us that thumbs up positive for those 2015 babies.  If you are looking for a new project, do contact us right away as many babies are now being spoken for.  Stay tuned right here for updates.
July 28, 2014:  The summer is zipping right along.  We have pulled the stallions out of the mare pastures marking the end of the 2014 breeding season.  Servicing our herd with the three stallions, we are again certain we had a successful covering on all our mares.  We did service a few outside mares and expect those as well to be in foal for 2015.  The 2014 babies are growing daily and give lots of entertainment to watch them play.  If you are in the market for a quality ranch baby, do not delay and check with us on what you are looking for.
JOE JACK RAIDER 2007 AQHA Palomino Stallion
May 1, 2014: Here is a peek at our new stallion, "Raider".  After the sale he got settled in here at Two Bar D Quarter Horses.  Lots of new smells and views for this guy as he is adjusting very well.  Finding that soft dirt pile to roll and get himself covered with his new surroundings made him feel right at home.  We are excited to get him matched up with all the right mares in our herd.  AND...pretty sure he's ready for the task!  

He is an own son of JOE JACK RED having WATCH JOE JACK on the top and bottom of his pedigree giving him a genetic code that will produce top quality babies!

More info will follow...
April 28, 2014: What an exciting Saturday we had in Erickson, NE, at the Pitzer Sale!  We sold our three colts, see CURRENT SALES for those details, met lots of great folks and enjoyed the time talking horse.  The day ran long and it was well after midnight before our heads hit the pillow.  Just the same, we logged lots of great memories.  PLUS we have added a new stallion bloodline to our herd.  We are thrilled to introduce JOE JACK RAIDER [son of JOE JACK RED]. He is a 2007 palomino who brings many qualities to our program!  As soon as we get things settled, we will be posting his credentials and current photos!      Stay tuned...
April 7, 2014:  With spring comes lots of new babies, foals and calves alike.  We have several babies on the ground and all is well.  And this year seems to be the year of the "filly" because as to date we are battin' nearly 100%.  If you want that outstanding colt...the 2013 crop has many to offer.  The three 2013 colts, who are heading to the Pitzer Ranch Spring Sale, are coming along very well as we are handling them daily.  They are quick learners and like the extra attention.  Check the CURRENT SALES tab for updated pictures.

February 11, 2014: We are thrilled to have three of our yearling buckskin colts accepted to the Pitzer Ranch Spring Sale on April 26th.  How exciting to be listed there with some great ranch horses.  We are confident that our three colts will represent our program in fine style and garner a good sale price.  Do check the CURRENT SALES page for details!

January 23, 2014: Our trip to OK went very well.  We left all three studs with new owners and we were satisfied with our money.  Met many new folks who expressed interest in our blood lines and plan on a farm visit this spring.  Look for our yearlings at up coming sales in the area.  Call us for any details.

January 2, 2014:
  Triangle Sales to start their Winter Classic Sale at 9:00 a.m. sharp on January 17 with Paint & Quarter horses featured.  We will be selling our three studs that day.  Will be leaving on the 16th and pray for good travel weather.  Keep up-to-date with all the details here and check out their web site too.

January 1, 2014:
Happy New Year to all family, friends, past and future customers!  We hope your new year will exceed your expectations and the past year.  Here at Two Bar D we certainly operate in that mind set as we look forward to the foaling season.  We have been out scouting around for those quality mare additions and researching the papers.  The cross is how you get your winner.  We have learned that putting the right stud with the right mare will give you that quality baby.  There are plenty of "middle of the road" horses out there, but we are striving to produce those top quality, good minded, hard working, easy on the eyes babies that mature into a forever horse for their owners. 

The biggest current news here at Two Bar D Quarter Horses is that we are now live on the Internet.  It's been a huge work in progress as we have had to gather and pull as much information together to present our operation to you.  We hope you enjoy meeting us, our horses, and touring the ranch.  Please send us your feed back and comments.  You can access that contact info right here by clicking on the link or above tab.  Thanks and do take some time to click around here.  Check back often for updates!

8/27/13: We launched on August 3 and after 3 weeks of being live on line, we are thrilled with the response we have gotten.  Showcasing our horses in this medium has given us the opportunity to reach so many more potential customers.  Thank you to all who have dropped by and those who have given us their feed back both personally and right here.
   We have also been out shopping around for some additional mares to bring on board with our herd.  The hunt is so challenging and exciting as we make those trips to check out new mares.
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