Listed here is our claim to fame-so to speak.  These boys have proven year after year to produce the kind of horse we are working toward with our mares.  We retired the gray Powerslide stallion in 2014 replacing him with JoeJackRaider.  With that being said, we have some of his get saved back for future prospects.  It is always about the cross and how those genetics link together giving you a baby that will reach higher goals than their parentage.  Do click on the respective link for a look at each of these guys' pedigree.



CLICK HERE for Pedigree
CLICK HERE for Pedigree
Joe is new to our line up for the 2018 breeding season.  
After the death of JoeJackRaider, we set out to find his replacement.  
This guy is a full brother and fits the bill as we had hoped.  
The real proof will be when those 2019 babies arrive.  
Stay tuned to see how our crosses come out!

Buck is a great stud that we purchased in 2007 as a weanling.  He has the color we want and the temperament that has proven to go a long way when working with him.  
For a full look at his pedigree click here
OR click on photo to the right.
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2007 AQHA Palomino stallion

Joe Jack Raider moved to our ranch in April 2014.  He came by way of the Pitzer Ranch sale.  [click on] Raider's pedigree is doubled up with Watch Joe Jack having somewhat of a line breeding.  His body's conformation impresses us with a nice head and neck with that little Watch Joe Jack ear.  His first foals have proven he is a strong producer. He is un-shown but broke to ride proving his ability in performance.  We are excited to have put him on some of our mares for the 2015 foaling season.  He is easy to be around and that palomino color is always a standout!